Barry Sharp

Composer and Musician


List of Works

2019 Five chords, for flute, clarinet, voice, violin, and vibraphone

2019 Twenty-one notes with fourteen instruments, for ensemble

2019 Familiar landscapes, for amplified piano and wind ensemble

2018 Eleven chords with four notes, for bass clarinet, contrabassoon, and double bass

2018 Late-day light in a bluebell wood, for six instruments

2018 The calling, for alto flute

2018 The poetics of waves, for musicians 

2018 A palmy Thursday, for musicians 

2018 Conical Polyphony, for tubas, euphoniums and sine tones              

2018 Recitations, for Flute, Cello, Percussion, and Electronics                 

2017 Round, for Suspended Cymbal and two bows                          

2017 Moon Setting, for 2 Vibraphones, Marimba, and Electronics                

2017 Farther from the truth, for Orchestra                                                       

2017 Dual Nature, for Voice, Clarinet, and Prepared Piano

2017 In Use, for Tuba and water (installation)                                

2017 Bones Be Still, or Voice and Piano                                                 

2017 Hear me, for String Orchestra                                                             

2017 Ash Cerement, for Sinfonietta                                                        

2016 Between Voices, for String Quartet                                                    

2016 Blackened Eyes, for SSAATTBB Chorus                                           

2016 your light, forever, for SATB Chorus                                                    

2016 remembering, for Prepared piano                                                               

2016 Empathetic Resonances, for Musicians                                              

2015 A Clear Midnight, for 16-part chorus                                                        

2015 Nocturne, for E-Flat Alto Saxophone, Violin, Cello, and Piano      

2015 Sizhu, for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussion            

2014 Sinews, for Clarinet                                                   

2014 Raw, for String Quartet                                                    

2014 Excursus, for Oboe                                                                           

2013 Sonance and Excursus, electroacoustic                                                      

2013 Spirit Song, for Vibraphone